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Embroidery adds a distinctive dimensional element to a garment, whether it’s the stitched logo of a favorite golf shirt or the fuzzy numbers on a letterman’s jacket. Embroidery is a decoration technique in which designs are stitched onto fabric. Embroidery styles include direct embroidery, tackle twill, applique, chenille and more.

Embroidery is ideal for:

Polos, hats, button-down shirts, bags, fleece, outwear.

Your Go2 advantage

Our full-service embroidery facility, backed by our years of proven expertise, provides the highest quality, from design through delivery. All finished items are hand trimmed, inspected and folded—and all work is 100% guaranteed.

Embroidery FAQs

What is embroidery digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of taking the customer’s artwork and converting the design into stitches that are stored in a computer file (DST) which the embroidery machine can read. 

When you digitize an embroidery design, who owns the digitized file?

Go2 Decorators owns the digitized file, but we’ll make a copy of the DST file available for an additional fee.

Are design charges applied to every order?

No. If we have your embroidery-ready file, or if you supply us with one, there are no design charges for re-orders. Additional charges apply for the following:

  • editing existing logo
  • Pantone match
  • color change

How small can you make embroidered letters or words?

For the best results, we recommend that embroidered text be a minimum of 1/4″ in height. The quality of the embroidery increases with the size of the letters.

How do I select thread color for my embroidery design?

Click here to review the more than 100 stock colors in our thread charts. If you don’t find your color, we can match Pantone colors to your specifications.

Can I get an actual embroidery proof?

For custom designs, a sewout is created and emailed for your review and approval, or you may visit our facility to review your sewout. An approval signature is required to complete any embroidery order.