Open for business…

main_logoWelcome to Go2 Decorators, where we are building the premier contract apparel decorating company in the Midwest. Our transition and move into our new facility has been a pain staking process, but we are starting to see the results of our efforts.

Our new 15,000 square ft. facility will offer you more than you have come to expect from the 2 companies that were combined to build this.  The athletic printing expertise of Skyline Screenprinting and Embroidery, and the fashion decorating experience of Sportco, gives you a one stop supplier for all your customer’s needs.

All that being said, I want to thank you personally for your patience and understanding throughout this process. We have made mistakes, and done our best to correct them. Your confidence in us, has allowed this transformation to take place, and we will continue to improve in all aspects of our operation.  Our concept going forward, is to partner with you as you grow your business. Some of the changes we have made were disruptive, but necessary. Change is often the most difficult thing to accept, but we hope you trust that these adjustments will prepare us, and you for a more profitable future in this industry.

We invite you to come by and see our new facility in Naperville.  We will also highlight our work with a constant update to this site. We hope you can see the development of Go2 Decorators, and we relish the opportunity to change our processes to accommodate your need.

See, there’s that word again. Not always a bad thing.


Carl Mucha


Go2 Decorators