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Screen Print

We all love to communicate through our clothes, and screen printing makes it easy and affordable. Screen printing is a decoration technique in which ink is applied to a surface through a screen. The image is photographically transferred to a fine screen such that the screen serves as a stencil, with the non-printed areas blocked. As ink is wiped across the screen, it passes through the unblocked pores and reaches the surface. A screen is prepared for each color to be printed, and the process is repeated.

Screen printing is ideal for:

Large-format applications on a wide range of fabrics; t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, shells, bags.

Your Go2 advantage

We can screen print up to twelve colors at a time. Four automatic presses accommodate large orders, and three manual presses give us the flexibility to produce small orders economically. With our three inline number machines, we can produce collegiate-quality uniforms for all levels of competition.

Screen Printing FAQs

Why do dark shirts cost more to print?

An additional process (an underlay or a flash layer) is often required when printing on dark surfaces with light-colored ink.

What is an underlay?

A layer of white ink that serves as a primer coat when printing on dark fabric. The underlay provides a base on which to print a design, and ensures colors appear as they should. 

What is a flash layer?

A double print of a color, typically applied when printing on dark fabric. The flash layer keeps the fabric from showing through the design, and prevents the fabric dye from migrating through the ink.

Can I print on assorted garment sizes?

We can print youth and adult-sized garments together if the design size is made to fit the smallest item. You have the option of printing two sizes of artwork, with each constituting a separate order.

Can I print on different garment colors?

Yes—as long as the same ink color is being used on all items. There is an additional charge for changing ink colors.